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'Life of Pi' and The Tiger's Pad ????

Yes, this is exactly what a customer mentioned  when she entered the restaurant. She felt she was transported back to the novel and movie when she walked through the doors yesterday. She felt she could picture Richard Parker around with all the pug marks and tigers stripes around the restaurant.  So for all those who haven't read the book or seen the movie, do read it or watch the film and then carry on that experience by visiting the Tiger's Pad in case you have not yet done so. If you have been to the restaurant before and do think we need to change the decor (but without a doubt enjoy the food) look at your local restaurant through a  different angle. Maybe we will leave it for some more time. We would love if you recommended The Tiger's Pad as the final destination  to your friends and family after  they have either read the novel or watched the movie. I'm sure the children would enjoy the experience as much as you would too.

Another celebrity at the Tiger's Pad

The Tiger's Pad had a surprise visit for a takeaway on Saturday the 15th of June by  Martine McCutcheon and her partner Jack McManus.  Martine looked lovely as ever and both were really friendly. We hope to see them again at the restaurant as they were visiting friends in the area. 

The Tiger's Pad is in Pat Chapman's 2013 Good Curry guide

We are delighted once again to be featured in Pat Chapman's 2013 Good Curry Guide. So look forward to seeing you at the restaurant  to try our varied curries from different parts of India.

Billy Ocean at The Tiger's Pad

01/12/2012: It was lovely to have Billy Ocean at the restaurant again for his take away. He really enjoys the authentic Indian food at The Tiger's Pad and often pops in when he is not busy touring! This picture was taken on Diwali when he came by to pick up his meal with his son. I was at the restaurant with my children and when I casually mentioned that Billy Ocean was in the restaurant; my son stood up and waved to him saying "Billy Ocean! Billy Ocean!" so excitedly, that the Soul legend came over and had a nice chat with them!



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